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Metcon Engineering Works

Used on Turning, Milling, Grinding, Tapping, Reamng, Sawing, Baring and Driling Operations. Telescopiv tube outlet on universal swivel joints provides accurate control of coolant flow, precisels at cutting edge.
  • Incr ases cutting speed
  • Prolongs tool life
  • Improves finishes

    Nickel plated solid brass fittings are used - nothing to rust or corrode- used eith any soluble coolant or oil. Female connector fits on pipe outlet of standard coolant systems.
TO STREAMLINE YOUR MACHINE TOOLS OPERATION Next time you step into your Tool Room or Workshop, we suggest you to have o close look on each machine tool you have there. We would like you to examine the kind of Oil Coolant Unit attached to each of your machines engaged in turning, milling, grinding, tapping, reaming sawing, boring or drilling operations. See fot yourself if the existing coolant units provide efficient and accurate control ui coolant flow precisely at the cutting edge of the tools. i@o doubt you wili find the usual cooiant Pump and the standard pipe outlet but, the chances are that you will be surprised to find bits and pieces of rubber tubing. Plastic tubing or metalic hoses crudeiy improvised to direct the fiow of cooiani oil. You will also find that the oil leaks at some place or other and that there is hardly any way to regulate the flow the way your operators would like to have. Offering "COOLWEL" Universal, Telescopic Oit Coolant Unit first of its kind 10 be manufactured in the country we invite you to see for yourself how this low cos! attachment could be put to use to minimise too! wear and to streamline efficiency c;S - round. The unique feature of "COOLWELL" is the universal manoeuvrabiihv combined with a telescopic extension tube nozzel "COLLWEL" is approved as, original equipment by leading machine too8 builders in the country and is provided with a standard B. S. P. Connector.

7mm (1/4")
415/- per each
10mm (3/8")
540/- per each
13mm (1/2")
Rs 900/- per each
20mm (3/4")
Rs 1200/- per each
26mm (1")
Rs 1600/-per each
Nickel plated solid brass fittings. Nothing to rust or corrode
Female connector fits on pipe outlet of standard coolant systems.
Extended length of teiescopic tube 48 cm. This India made oi! Cooissr;
Unit maximises production minimises tools wear, and
Streamlines efficiency all round. The connectiny union has a split collect lu obtain a stay put effect The teiescopic exiention tube is sealed in neopr@'iifc
0-Ring to prevent leakage lt more than pays for itself

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